About Us


The primary purpose of Desert Sky Community School is to educate children through experiential learning, including the arts and storytelling. With a developmental approach to the whole child, our school will address the different needs of different children. Our school strives to be an aesthetically rich environment as well as a safe space for development as a whole person.

Our K-5th grade classes are full days which begin at 8:00am and end at 2:45pm.


Community is a central value that extends beyond the classroom in our school: it is how we feel and act toward one another. Desert Sky shares a value of connection as a school community, and connection to the larger community of friends, neighbors and colleagues. We value the family attention to children which is evident to teachers. We also value the inner growth of all of the members of our community: students, parents, teachers and volunteers. Shared responsibility, especially among faculty and in Board meetings and Parent Council, allow decisions to be made in clarity, with calm and equanimity.

We invite families and friends to join us in celebrating our seasonal festivities as a community such as our Festival of Strength and Courage, The Lantern Walk, The Spiral Garden of Light, Fasching, and our May Festival.


At Desert Sky, we strive to be environmentally responsible. We choose to garden without the use of pesticides or other toxins, to use environmentally safe cleaning products, to use low-impact, renewable construction materials whenever possible, to compost and recycle and to conserve energy and water.

As much as possible, we encourage healthy organic whole foods and lunches. We recognize the impact on the environment of transporting our children long distances to school and actively support carpooling efforts. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages everyone to become more conscious of the need to make choices that support a future where all living things share in a world of abundance.


We welcome students, parents, faculty, and staff of all races, sexual orientations, faiths and creeds.