Arizona Tax Credit

Please help support the wonderful educational opportunities offered to all children at Desert Sky Community School, Tucson’s only tuition-free charter school that is guided by the core principles of Waldorf education, AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU through the public school tax credit. This year’s tax credit donations will be applied towards extracurricular and character building programs/activities including, but not limited to, instrumental music, choir, foreign languages, dance, sports, field trips, handwork, crafts, gardening and woodworking. As noted above, the amazing thing about this tax credit is that it DOES NOT COST YOU A PENNY – it simply redirects Arizona income taxes you have to pay so that they go to Desert Sky rather than to the state. Your tax credit donations, and those of your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and faith community members help the school maintain and expand its well-rounded educational programming.

Donating your tax dollars this year is easy:

1) Please go to

2) Scroll down and download the tax credit form. Please complete it and send it to the school with your donation check, money order, or credit card number (any cash donation should be made in person at the school).

3) Or just click on “Donate,” and follow the instructions for donating online. If you donate online, please be sure to note “2017 tax credit donation” in the designation box and turn in or send your completed donation form to the school office so a receipt can be issued to you.

4) You will get a tax credit for your full gift amount to be counted dollar-for-dollar against your total 2017 AZ income tax liability.

Since this is not a deduction but a credit against your Arizona income tax liability, you’re giving a gift to this wonderful school at no cost to you. If possible, please give the full tax credit amount of $400 for married joint filers or $200 for individuals and separate filers. If your total Arizona income tax liability for 2017 comes in below that amount you can simply roll the excess credit over to count against next year’s Arizona income taxes. You can check the line labeled “Balance of Income Tax” on last year’s Arizona return to find out what your income tax liability was in 2016.

Please make your donations by April 15, 2018 or by your filing date, to help Desert Sky put your donation to the best possible use. Your contribution may also be deductible from your Federal taxable income if you itemize – check with your tax adviser.