Faculty Members

Smart, warm, hardworking teachers–given decent support and half a chance–change lives, nations, and human consciousness for the better.


Early Childhood and After School Faculty

♥ Kindergarten Lead Teacher – Rachel Jeanty

Kindergarten Assistant – Heather Sharbonda

Grades Faculty

♥ Grade 1 Teacher – TC Leon

♥ Grade Two/Three Teacher – Tiffany Aguilera

 ♥ Grade Four/Five Teacher – Gina Wycoff

Specialty Subject Faculty

♦Handwork Teacher- Dana Lynge

Gardener – Jack Davidson

Support Teacher – Jaime Bish

♦ Speech Therapist – Susan Krantz

  Susan has lived and worked in Tucson for several years. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Disorders and a Master’s of Science in Speech-Language Pathology; both from the University of Utah. Her rapport with the students is amazing, and the students she works with make great strides in their learning and education!

♦ Student Services Teacher – Kathi Lucey

  Kathi Lucey holds degrees from Montana state University, University of Arizona and University of Phoenix. She’s been a consultant for the Arizona Department of Education. She’s also been an instructor for ESL students and special needs students in Marana, Sahuarita and Tucson. She is also an established professional musician, songwriter and performer.


♦ Executive Director- Shelly Adrian

♦ Assistant Principal – Daniel Morales