Growing & Building

*NEW* Shade Structures

With a perimeter fence in place, Desert Sky is ready to expand our classroom use of the outdoor areas! Currently, pop-up ramada tents shade the tables where K-3 students eat. Students themselves are helping to transform their outdoor area, by digging, exploring dirt hills, building play forts, finding fairy homes, singing, planting, and having classes outdoors.

We recently received a grant for developing the outdoor class rooms by building permanent shade structures. Architect Cathy Rex is currently working with Dustin Miller and Little Joe’s Fabrications on the design.

*NEW*  Chicken Coop Developments

Thanks to Caitlin and the Chicken Tenders for renovating the chicken coop. We’d love to add a chicken run for the hens to have more space to scratch and move about. If you can help with the design, funding, and construction of a chicken run, please contact Caitlin or call the Front Office at (520) 745-3888.

We’re starting a fundraiser with chicken-theme handwork! If you’d like to be involved, contact Caitlin or call the Front Office at (520) 745-3888.

Water Basin Projects

Water harvesting makes the best use of our desert resources to grow shade trees!

Thanks to Stephen Monroe for the initial water basin plan. Thanks to Bee Ottinger and Stephen Monroe, the curbside basins have been dug! Bee is working on grant funding to complete them and add with landscape plants.

Thanks to Emma Stahl-Wert for designing the water basin project in the parking lot. Thank you to all our parent volunteer and generous donors that makes this project possible.

Campus Perimeter Fence

Thank you Dustin Miller and Little Joe’s Fabrications and all the generous donations that have made the perimeter fence possible! 

Adobe Garden Wall

Thank you Irene Peters and parent volunteers who mixed up adobe! The garden is still partially enclosed by chicken-wire. If you or someone you know would like to take the lead with continuing the adobe work, please contact Shelly at