Our School Store “La Tienda”



You are most welcome to browse our small-but-growing school store, La Tienda. Look in the barrister bookcases in the front office to see what treasures you can take home.

Our front office staff will gladly help you.


Craft Circle

A limited selection of items that have been handmade by our Parent Council “Craft Circle” volunteers are also available in La Tienda.

The full selection of craft circle items are available for view and purchase during school events, which is also supported by the handmade goods of our parent volunteers.

Many of our craft circle items are made for our school events and festival retail booths, like Weihnachtsmarkt, Tucson Meet Yourself, The Festival of Books, Street Fair, and St. Phillip’s Farmer’s Market. Our “Craft Circle” items are not only for retail sales, they are also items made in alignment with Waldorf standards in support of the teachers and their needs within the classroom. Thanks to the wonderful support of our craft circle parents, the students and teachers are able to have the finest handmade supplies and crafts in the classroom and throughout the school.

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