Parent Handbook


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Desert Sky maintains that our school is only successful to the extent that parents and teachers work together as active partners – albeit with different roles – in providing an education for our children. There are many meaningful ways for parents to be involved in their child’s school experience, including educational evenings, community festivals, and classroom support. Parental involvement is not only an opportunity but also a necessary component of Desert Sky’s success.

Parents must be actively involved in the fund raising needed to supplement the per child contribution provided by the state of Arizona. Both gifts of time and gifts of money are critical aspects of this partnership, and will be encouraged. It is our experience that gifts of time bind individuals together as a community in a warm and social way, and help create a shared ownership of the school. We also find that gifts of money demonstrate and support trust and valuing of the school.

It is also important that we seek out opportunities for Desert Sky to contribute to worthwhile projects in the greater community. We welcome your ideas and enthusiasm for this work.


Parent Council

The Parent Council represents all parents or legal guardians of children who attend Desert Sky Community School. The Parent Council consists of parent representatives from each classroom. The Parent Council’s mission is to build a strong community for families, to inspire volunteerism and active involvement in the life of the school. The Council organizes various committees of parents to serve the school in areas such as volunteer coordination, fundraising, gardening, and hospitality.

The parents in the council are the visionaries who facilitate change, promote discussion, and support Desert Sky through their involvement. It also serves as a platform to stay up to date on current activities, express concerns, and share ideas while keeping our school and our children at the heart of our intentions.

Parent Council Meetings:
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PC Snack Shack: Every Friday at dismissal.



Our school is enriched by the many people who serve the children and faculty, providing a wide range of skills and wisdom.

Your support makes things happen!

Keep track of all your time and money donations and log your volunteer hours and donations in the volunteer book.


Please check parent folder regularly and return important paperwork to the office as soon as possible.

Also please check in with your child’s teacher to see how you can be of help in the classroom. Cups need to be washed, laundry done (look for laundry in the break-room), and water bottles filled on a weekly basis.


For any other questions please contact:

Parent Council Coordinator: Christine Reitmayr  email: