Desert Sky Wish List



If you have a donation, please call 520-745-3888 during school hours and we’ll meet you at the gate.

Desert Sky is always accepting donations for our school. We keep a ‘Wish List’ that allows community members, teachers, and parents to be aware of our most current needs. If you come across any of the items listed below please keep us in mind.

While many of our school supplies are specialized, there are some items that are more easily found!

Your donation of the following items makes a difference! 

  • non-painted, non-splintery lumber for student projects
  • Plants or seeds for our gardens
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sand play items: muffin tins, colanders, shovels, and other fun items in metal or wood. Between the desert sun and students’ hearty play, plastic items don’t last long here. 

Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!