Faculty Members

Parents’ Right to Know – Teacher Qualifications

Information about the education and relevant experience of each teacher is available, upon request. Please contact the school office at communications@desertskycommunityschool.org to see the instructors’ resumes.

Early Childhood

♥ Kindergarten Lead Teacher – Ms. Zoraida Gonzalez

♥ Kindergarten Teacher’s Aide – Ms. Celina Jaramillo

Grades Faculty

♥ Grade 1/2 Teacher  – Ms. Stefanie Cooke

Grade 3/4/5 Teacher & Spanish Teacher – Ms. Maria Teresa Cardenas

Specialty & Subject Teachers

♦  Science & Math — Mrs. Kainat Shafi

♦ Violin Teacher –  Ms. Ann Weaver

♦ Handwork Teacher — Ms. Zoraida Gonzalez 

♦ Writing Teacher / In-house substitute — Mr. Bobby Carlson

♦ Breakfast Server / In-house substitute / Teacher’s Aide — Ms. Janele Bay

♦ Support for the Deaf  — Ms. Kelly Koss of ASDB

♦ Speech Therapist — Ms. Susan Krantz

♦ Student Services Teacher – Ms. Kathi Lucey Ed.S.

Ms. Kathy Lucey

Ms. Kathi is a Reading Specialist and Special Education teacher at DSCS. She has been teaching and DSCS for 10+ years!

Ms. Kathi’s degree and endorsements are in Special Education, Reading, Learning Disabilities, and English as a second language (ESL).  She received her graduate training from the University of Arizona. Her hobbies are swimming and dancing.  Ms. Kathi is also a musician and vocalist. She performs locally in concerts such as the Tucson Meet Yourself.