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Contact your classroom teacher or room parent for volunteer opportunities!  Or email if you are interested in volunteering at Desert Sky.

In Kind Donations

If you have a gently used or new items to donate, please call (520) 745-3888 during school hours and we’ll meet you at the gate. Donations of Kleenex are always welcome! While many of our school supplies are specialized, others are easily found locally. Please see our wishlist for found, gently  used, and new items the school can use.

Arizona Public School Tax Credit

Make a donation to Desert Sky at no additional cost to you by redirecting the Arizona income taxes you already pay! Click here for more information on how to support Desert Sky with the Arizona Public School Tax Credit. Click here to donate by credit card.

Activity Fees

The supplies and resources for a Waldorf curriculum are beautiful, quality items. From the beeswax crayons and smooth main lesson books, to the violins and wooden flutes, our supplies support programs which we consider essential to the Waldorf curriculum. Parent support is requested for all the activities that make Desert Sky a special place: handwork, choral music, instrumental music, movement class, Pentathlon training, German and Spanish language classes, guest speakers, gardening, and painting, as well as the silks and craft activities of Kindergarten and the festivals. Your donation of an Activity Fee of $300 per student per year, or $30/month of school, is greatly appreciated. Click here to donate by credit card.

Annual Giving Campaign

As a non-profit organization, Desert Sky asks for your support of public Waldorf education in Tucson through our annual giving campaign. Click here for more information about the Annual Giving Campaign. Click here to donate by credit card.

Target Red Card

Target Red Card credit card gives Desert Sky a percentage based on your purchases.

Fry’s Community Rewards

When you shop for groceries at Fry’s and enter your Fry’s Community Rewards number they donate a percentage of your purchase to the Desert Sky!

Thank You For Your Support!


Adobe Garden Wall

Thank you Irene Peters and parent volunteers who mixed up adobe! The garden is still partially enclosed by chicken-wire. If you or someone you know would like to take the lead with continuing the adobe work, please contact Shelly at

With a perimeter fence in place, Desert Sky is ready to expand our classroom use of the outdoor areas! Currently, pop-up ramada tents shade the tables where K-3 students eat. Students themselves are helping to transform their outdoor area, by digging, exploring dirt hills, building play forts, finding fairy homes, singing, planting, and having classes outdoors.


We recently received a grant for developing the outdoor class rooms by building permanent shade structures. Architect Cathy Rex is currently working with Dustin Miller and Little Joe’s Fabrications on the design.



Thanks to Stephen Monroe for the initial water basin plan. Thanks to Bee Ottinger and Stephen Monroe, the curbside basins have been dug! Bee is working on grant funding to complete them and add with landscape plants.